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Wooden Shoe Horn

Measures: 54 cm Long With the Handle – 4.5 cm Wide.

Save Your Back with a Long-Lasting Wooden Shoe Horn!

Smooth Edges & Very Sturdy – Makes it Easy to Put on Difficult Shoes.

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The 54 cm long wood shoe horn is one of the longest shoehorns you will ever find. Long shoe horns are handy for people with arthritis, hip or knee replacement, general problems bending and reaching down. The long shoe makes it easier to put on shoes without harmful flexion of the hip or knee. Our long shoe horn eliminates the need to bend or crouch to use.

23cm Short Wooden Shoehorn:

Features smooth edge, sturdy and comfortable
Best gifts for families, friends or occasions such christmas, wedding, housewarming, mother’s day, thanksgiving day, birthday, etc. – featuring premium raw material, exquisite design, elegant pattern, finely burnished sleek surface, our products are definitely the gifted surprises you should give to someone you love!
German and japan quality – cutting, profiling, drilling, and three times of burnishing! This is how we create our products! Our products are well-received in germany and japan by their delicate craftsmanship, elegance, and eco-friendliness. They are all strong and sturdily constructed of hardwood imported from the usa or europe.
Incredibly smooth surface for easy clean and hand protection – now it’s time to say goodbye to splinters, rough harmful surfaces, sharp rims, cold feeling, toxic chemicals of other materials. Pick up our products, you pick up an all-new healthy lifestyle!
Easy grip handle and smooth edge – our shoehorn comes with a smooth edge that will never harm your heels compared with a metal shoehorn with a sharp edge. It¡¯s great for seniors with assisted mobility issues.

[MOQ] : 3000 pcs
Point 1: Streamline Design
point 2: printing logo

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