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Toilet Cleaning Effervescent Tablets
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Toilet Cleaning Effervescent Tablets

Toilet Cleaning Effervescent Tablets, the effervescent tablet.

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Product Toilet Cleaning Effervescent Tablets
Item number 707
Features Remove Peculiar Smell  Deep Penetration

Fast Decomposition Improve Performance

Customize Polybag and paper box
Application Toilet.
Size 2.6*2.6*1.6cm per tablet,

15 tablets per carton box.

Net content 15grams
Expiration Date 3 YEARS
How to use Follow the instruction.  Each time use 1-2 Tablets


Package 24pcs per carton.
Company near to 20  Years Experience Innovative Formula/Advanced Equipment/Enthusiasm Team Work/Excellect Assembly Line
FAQ Q: What is about the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
A:Our MOQ is 30,000 pcs.
  Q:How many pieces will be in a carton box.
A:Common packing is 48 boes, that will be about 720pieces.


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