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The Composition Of Shoe Polish
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The Composition Of Shoe Polish

Aug. 2021-09-09

The Composition Of Shoe Polish:

The ingredients contained in shoe polish have existed for centuries. It was first used to soften and waterproof leather, not for polishing. But in the nineteenth century, high-gloss shoe polish began to become popular. The first polishing agent was made of wax and oil, and then animal fat composed of lanolin and beeswax was added to obtain a bright effect. The composition of modern shoe polish is not significantly different, but some products have added other ingredients to improve quality.


This has always been the main ingredient of shoe polish and can improve the waterproof ability of leather. Nowadays, waxes derived from petroleum or plants are more common, while animal waxes were mainly used before.


Shoe polish usually also adds colorants to give the leather a specific hue. These dyes or colorants are usually made chemically. The dye does not increase cleaning or neutral polishing.


This greasy substance is a by-product of wool and is closer to wax than fat. Most lanolin can be used to protect wool fabrics, but it can also be added to shoe polish to protect the leather.

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