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Style of the shoe polish
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Style of the shoe polish

Aug. 2021-09-09

In order to polish leather shoes and prolong the service life of leather shoes, many people will put shoe polish on the shoes from time to time, care, and maintenance. So, what are the ingredients of the shoe polish formula? What are the types of shoe polish? Is liquid shoe polish or solid shoe polish good? How to use shoe polish? What brand of shoe polish is good? How to buy? Next, let’s understand the encyclopedia of shoe polish.

Types Of Shoe Polish

  1. Emulsified shoe polish: it is a shoe polish (tube package) manufactured by the British method, especially suitable for use in wet and rainy areas. It is composed of three components: wax, oil, and water. It has the advantages of brightness, protection of leather, and free color adjustment, and it also has the ability to hide and cover leather grain disability and stains. Therefore, it can be used as both gloss shoe polish and color shoe polish.
  2. Pure oil type shoe polish: It is a shoe polish made in the American method (round iron box packaging). Its main components are wax and oil, and no water is added, so this shoe polish is more waterproof. Long-term use of this oil will gradually lighten the color of leather shoes.
  3. Liquid shoe polish: (Bottled, with a small sponge brush at the mouth) is made of emulsified wax and water, some mixed with a small amount of resin (because it is easy to form a surface film, so it is better not to add resin). This shoe polish does not need to be wiped. It only needs to be applied to shoes to make them shiny, which has the advantages of being simple and quick to wait. Generally, this kind of liquid shoe polish can be used on dark smooth leather shoes.

Shoe Polish Formula Ingredients

  1. The main components of emulsified paste products are wax raw materials, solvents, water, emulsifiers, pigments, dyes, other additives, or components.
  2. The main components of solvent-based paste products are wax raw materials, solvents, pigments, other additives, or components.
  3. The main components of emulsified liquid products are wax, emulsifier, water, dye, other additives, and components.
  4. The main components of resin-based liquid products are polymer resin materials, surfactants, dyes, other additives, and components..
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