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Sports Shoes (Sneaker) Cleaning Method

Aug. 2021-09-09
  1. Upper

Remove the shoelaces and throw them into the basin. 2/3 of the basin is filled with water, so that the shoes are soaked with water, then use a neutral cleaning agent, and then start washing the shoes.

  1. Sole

First, squeeze the neutral cleaning agent on the shoe brush and then brush the sole. You can use a toothpick to pick out the small stones in the glue seam of the sole.

  1. Wash the upper in the shoe

Brush the soap with a toothbrush, and then brush the net surface, as well as the tongue and the inside.

  1. Shoelaces

Dip some washing powder on the shoelace from which the shoelace was removed, and rub it again.

  1. Rinse After repeatedly washing the shoes a few times, rinse the dirty water inside, take out the shoes, squeeze the water from the shoes and the sponge first, and then raise your arms and draw a few backs and forth to throw out a large amount of water.
  2. Dry

Wrap the upper with toilet paper, and then put the shoes on the balcony to air dry. Hang the shoelaces in another place.

Cleaning Considerations:

  1. Do not soak for a long time when cleaning to avoid opening the shoes.
  2. When scrubbing mesh shoes, avoid using a hard brush or applying too much force, and do not use nails or sharp tools to damage the corners of the shoe print.
  3. After cleaning, it must be dried in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight. It is forbidden to dry by heating or open flame, so as not to cause aging, gluing, fading, and serious deformation of shoes.
  4. If you need to store for a long time, you should clean the mesh sports shoes first, and store them in a cool and ventilated place after drying, so that the shoes have enough time to dry to avoid mildew.
  5. When the shoe is idle, it is best to use a paper ball or shoe support to avoid serious deformation.sneaker cleaning method 1sneaker cleaning method 2
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