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Sneaker Shampoo Shoe Cleaner

Sports detergent can quickly decontaminate, with its own brush head, prevent mildew, do not need to wash, can clear stains, wipe it clean. It has active decontamination ingredients, colorless and transparent, fresh smell, and can be used with whitening agent.

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Product Feature:

1. Third Generation Brush Head
2. Large area of use
3. 360 degree cleaning
4. Leak-proof design

Usage Method Of The Sneaker Shampoo Shoe Cleaner:

The brush head press down and squeeze the bottle body, smear the liquid out, stop pressing, wipe the stain back and forth with its own brush head, and repeat the operation to achieve the cleaning effect.

FAQ Of The Sneaker Shampoo Shoe Cleaner:

Q1: What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
Most of MOQ is 10,000 pcs, but if you pay for the extra charge, it can be a smaller quantity.

Q2: Can I take a free sample?
Yes, you can. We can provide you a free sample. You need to afford the freight for the sample. (freight collect.)

Q3: How are the shipment and delivery?
We can send the goods to Yiwu, Guangzhou, or Shanghai for the container cabinet, if by full of the container, we can ship it from Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen(Yantian) Port. We will have a plan for these. We have the Social Responsibility Factory Audit every year.

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