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Sneaker Cleaning Wipes 6counts
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Sneaker Cleaning Wipes 6counts

Sneaker Cleaning Wipes 6counts is suitable for small white shoes of different styles and colors, net shoes and other non-leather products. It is wash-free, clean as soon as it is wiped, clean inside and outside, mild deodorization, and care for loving shoes.

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Product Feature:

1. Soft Spun laced Nonwovens
2. Deodorization
3.Extend the service life of loving shoes

Application Of The Sneaker Cleaning Wipes 6counts:

sports shoes, mesh shoes, suede shoes, tourist shoes, suede shoes, small white shoes.

Product Parameter:

Product Sneaker Cleaning Wipes 6counts :
Item number 515A
Features 1count per bag/Custom Content/Custom Label
Customize Case color & Label
Application Sneaker/Sport Shoes/White Shoes

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