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Small Shoe Brush

Model: XS 400

Material of the brush hair: PP plastic bristle, pig hair, or horsehair

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Product Introduction:

The Small Wooden Shoe Brush can be used to clean the dust and dirt on the surface of leather, dust the leather clothes, and polish the shoe care products after they are absorbed.
The Small Wooden Shoe Brush consists of a wooden handle and brush hair. The brush hair can be made of horse bristle, bristle, or plastic hair. It has good toughness, moderately soft and hard. The wood is mostly selected for high-quality beech.

Product Feature:

1. Quality Assurance
2. Soft brush, good toughness, more durable, not cortical.
3. High-quality beech, smooth polishing, comfortable grip

Usage Method Of The Small Wooden Shoe Brush:

1. Wipe the leather surface back and forth several times with a brush. It can remove the dust and dirt from the upper of shoes easily and instantly. It can also be used for dust removal of clothing and leather goods.
2. After the skin is smeared with the absorbed care products, the use of a brush to quickly wipe the skin back and forth can promote absorption and remove excess maintenance products, polishing and polishing effect.

FAQ Of The Small Wooden Shoe Brush:

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