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Shoe Shine Wipes

Aug. 2021-09-09

Shoe Shine Wipes (also called shoe instant shine wipes):

a special kind of paper that does not require shoe polish and shoe brushes. It shines on all kinds of leather shoes and leather garments (it does not need to be repeated as with shoe polish shoe brushes to shine), and the effect is better than Use shoe polish to make it brighter, brighter and longer-lasting, non-dusty, and protect leather, hygienic and nontoxic Shoe shiners are divided into domestic oily shiners and water-based shiners

1.Water-based shoe towels are generally made of simple chemical raw materials such as non-woven fabric, water, resin, etc.! resin-based water-based shoe-shine liquid. It is bright
2. The oily shoe towels are refined and emulsified by more than ten kinds of additives made of sheep oil, lanolin, non-woven fabrics, and Brazilian wax.
The oily shoe shine towel can quickly penetrate into the cortex after use. Softens the cortex and acts as a lubricant. Increase the number of tortuous cortex resistance. Wax plays the role of water resistance and leather protection. This can really protect the cortex. Leather shoes are a machine, for example, if wiped with water. It quickly dried up. Easy to break, these are the most basic knowledge to protect leather shoes. Oily shoe towel, with good decontamination and gloss enhancement function, easy to use.
3.The main raw material used in shoe towels is liquid shoe polish. The difference between oily and water-based is oil-in-water emulsification technology and water-in-oil emulsification technology, that is, different preparation methods for lipophilicity and hydrophilicity.

Ingredients For Shoeshine:

Mainly include cotton spunlace cross non-woven fabric, lanolin, beeswax, microcrystalline wax, silicone oil, tea tree oil, emu oil, natural soap, active agent, nano titanium white tiO2, ionized water, aluminum foil packaging bag, etc. It has the effects of waxing and oiling, free from polishing, maintenance, and decontamination, soft and smooth, anti-mildew, anti-static, anti-static, etc. The unique vacuum aluminum foil composite bag, aluminum foil can prevent moisture, airtightness, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance retention, non-toxic and tasteless, and can shield moisture, air, ultraviolet rays, and bacteria.

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