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Shoe Polish Kit Promotion

Why is a Shoe Polish Kit Promotion a valuable gift? It has often been said that you can tell much about a person by looking at their shoes, not whether they are rich or poor, but whether they take pride in themselves and in their work.

We are a professional shoe polish products manufacture with near 20 years of experience in China, offering over 500 various kinds of shoe polish products and a monthly output of up to 5 million pieces. We are the manufacturer that you can trust in China.

The HS CODE of the Shoe Polish Kit Promotion is 9605000.00

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Here is the different names of the Shoe Polish Kit Promotion:
Shoe Shine Travel Kit Shoe Brush Set Shoe Care Kit
Travel Shoe Polish Kits Shoe Polish Travel Kit
Shoe Shine Professional Kit Leather Polish Gift Set
Professional Shoe Shine Kit Shoe Polish Gift Set
Promotional Shoe Care Kit Professional Shoe Care Kit
Shoe Repair Travel Shoe Care Kit Promotional Shoe Accessories Set

Product Features:

1. Fast shoe polishing, efficiency first
2. Release your fingers and wear them freely.
3. Traveling suit with complete functions
4. Quality inspection report, safe use

Zhongshan Biaoqi Houseware Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City with a superior geographical position and convenient traffic.
We are an Integrated scale enterprise that specializes in integrated Supply, Sale, Production, Research, and Development. With near to 20 years of experience in professionally manufacturing shoe care products and household cleaning, we can provide you high-quality products and excellent service.
We obtain ISO certification and strictly implement this system.

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