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Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn 42cm
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Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn 42cm

[Product Name]: Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn

[Net Weight]: 40g

[Dimension]: 42 cm


[Basic] : plastic

[MOQ] : 3000 pcs per color

[Color] : Blue ,Red, any color you want

Point 1: Streamline Design point

Point 2: printing logo

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1.High quality with imported material.
2.Clean and shine shoes finely, waterproof.
3.Dries quickly and instantly revealing newer, brighter, and livelier surface
4.Polishes and shines fine leathers.
5.Unique sponge makes it easy to clean.

Product Parameter:

Product Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn 42cm
Model Number XB-S06
Product Size 42cm
Features Nice quality and in colors
Customize Plastic Color or LOGO printing
Application Help to wear the shoes/boots
Material PP plastic. Soft and long time
Package &Transport: Standard package

What Is The Shoe Horn?

Shoe Horn: Also known as “Shoe Pull” and “Shoe Slip”. It is an auxiliary tool used by Han people when wearing shoes. A smooth plate that helps to penetrate the shoe when wearing shoes.

Function Of The Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn 42cm:

Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn can assist in wearing shoes, one step in place, no need to untie shoelaces or use a hand-held, nor will the back of the shoes be stamped out
(for people who like to be lazy and love shoes, convenient and practical).

Usage Method Of The Plastic Colorful Shoe Horn 42cm:

When wearing shoes, you should first loosen the lace and then use the shoe horn.
It is the first step of shoe maintenance to use it carefully on weekdays.
Shoe damage usually starts at the heel.
Therefore, the shoe puller can be used to wear shoes.
A long handle can be prepared at home, but usually it can be carried with you. In addition, when wearing shoes do not squeeze hard, you can first put your foot into the shoe, then use the shoe pull close to the heel to insert vertically into the shoe, and then push the heel hard into the shoe, pull out the shoe. Leather shoes with laces should form the habit of loosening the laces before wearing them.

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