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Multiple Functions Foam Cleaner
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Multiple Functions Foam Cleaner

Foam cleaner is suitable for all kinds of household products made of wood, cortex, plastic, fiber, glass, ceramics and stainless steel.

We have the 150ml, 200ml.

For the Sneaker Shoes

For the Down Coat

For the Suede Leather

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Product Feature:

1.Efficient and safe, one bottle washed all over the world.
2.Powerful decontamination, with super deep cleaning efficiency, clean standard and clean book.
3.Containing high-tech antimicrobial agent, it can form lasting antimicrobial protective layer on the surface of articles.
4.Safe phosphorus-free formula, good biodegradability, no pollution to the environment, benefit everyone.
5.Foam cells, odors, make labor more joyful.
6.Neutral mild formula, no harm to skin.

Usage Method Of The Multiple Functions Foam Cleaner:

Spray the product on the surface of the object and let it stand for 1 minute, then the foam will decompose the stain and wipe it with a cloth.

FAQ Of The Multiple Functions Foam Cleaner Multiple Functions Foam Cleaner:

Q1: May I have my brand/logo/design and company information on the products?
Yes, you can. If you pay for the mold charge/Printing plate charge and reach the MOQ, we can provide you the OEM and OEM design.

Q2: Which colors you have?
We have many different colors, the main color is black, brown, and neutral but some of the colors needs a minimum order quantity here.

Q3: How is the shipment and delivery?
We can send the goods to Yiwu, Guangzhou or Shanghai for the container cabinet, if by full of the container, we can ship it from Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen(Yantian) Port.

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