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Leather Protection Solution

Leather Protection Solution the capacity:150ml

status: Liquid in a plastic bottle with sprayer

Label: Colorful polybag be shrink-wrapped on the bottle


Material of bottle: PE

Material of CAP: PP

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Leather Protection Solution:

1. leather care is the perfect spray wax for leather, plastic, and rubber, with an overseas advanced formula, it helps protect dashboard and car seats and tires from fading, wrinkling and aging, and provides a glossy finish. It can also effectively prevent the dust produced by static electricity.
2. cleans and sanitizes the dashboard, eliminating mites, dust, and foul odors, including smoke
3. Available different scents: Natural, Tropical, Strawberry, Lemon, Red Rose, Violet, Peach…
4. OEM is welcome, and we can do it well.

Product Features:

It is better to care furniture. It contains rich silicone oil and emulsion wax, not only give full play to the care of the furniture function, and polishing easier, make furniture surface brighter and cleaner as new, double luster, “best” method in the use of extremely convenient, just a spray, brush, decontamination, cleaning, polishing once completed. Give your furniture comprehensive protection and lemon zest.

Method Of Use:

Please shake well before use. Straight body, about 15 cm from the object surface with a spray, can wipe with a soft dry cloth. Small items or aperture can spray on the dry cloth and then wipe.

Matters Needing Attention:

Avoid heat, stored at 50 degrees Celsius. This product is absolutely not to drink. Should be in the absence of fire and well ventilated. Don’t put the jar to pop or be thrown into the fire. Don’t let the children contact. Used on the surface of the leather or not clear, please spray on the clean soft cloth, on a small scale used to test the effect.

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