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How To Choose Shoe Polish?
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How To Choose Shoe Polish?

Aug. 2021-09-09

Nowadays, people’s living standards and quality are gradually improving, and the wearing aspect is also greatly improved. There are more and more people wearing leather shoes. Buying shoe polish has become the biggest worry for the majority of leather shoe lovers. Then how to buy shoe polish? What brand of shoe polish is good?

But when choosing shoe polish, you must first understand what leather shoes are made of. Generally, leather materials are divided into the following categories:

Smooth cowhide and ebony cowhide: It is best to use colorless high-grade shoe milk for surface maintenance. Brighteners should not be used for maintenance, otherwise, the false coating will fall off.

Flat patent leather, wrinkled patent leather: Wrinkled patent leather is made of neutral resin paint, so it is not easy to fade, the surface is not easy to absorb water, and it is convenient to maintain. The surface dust can be gently wiped off with a clean damp cloth (preferably without dripping water). Wipe clean with a soft, lint-free cloth. You can also use leather cleaner or cleaning cream to maintain it, but not with a brightener or shoe cream.

Shaded sheepskin: Use better shoe cream or shoe cream. Colorless is better.

Patterned sheepskin, striped lattice leather: brighteners are not available. Use better colorless high-grade shoe cream. The shoe cream is not easy to be too much during maintenance. The wipe should be even. After treatment, the skin color will be slightly darkened, and the shoe cream will basically recover after volatilization As before, it is normal for the color to darken slightly.

Water-dyed leather and waxed cowhide: Water-dyed leather and waxed cowhide are uncoated leather materials, which are easy to absorb water and stains. The colored ones are more prominent. When wearing, pay attention to avoid water stains or other stains and keep the upper Clean, do not rain, wipe off the dust when not wearing, use a shoe cream to maintain the luminosity of the upper and prevent mildew.

Butter leather, discoloration oil leather: use shoe cream and leather brightener to prevent hardening.

Ostrich leather: The maintenance method can be waxed leather.

If it is high-end leather shoes, it is better to go for professional maintenance and cleaning.

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