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High Quality Suede Nubuck Polish
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High quality suede nubuck polish

Product Name: Suede & Nubuck Renovator

Model No.: BK9910

HS-CODE: 34051000.00

High-Quality Suede Nubuck Polish is the Suede Nubuck Renovator.

Other names: Suede Complementary Color Agent,

Velours and Nubuck Coloring Agent  Renovator.

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Net Content 75 ml
Refurbished complementary color
Long-lasting without fading
Model No.: BK9910
Features: Custom Content/Printing Label sticker.
Customize: Bottle color & Label
Application: Suede & Nubuck Renovator
Material: PP & PE
Net content:75ML
Expiration Date:3-5 YEARS
Package &Transport: Five Layers carton box to ensure the safety of the goods
Drop Test will be carried out before the shipment
Air Transport/Express Delivery/Land Transportation/Sea Transport
Company strength: near to 20 Years Experience Innovative Formula/Advanced Equipment/Enthusiasm Team Work/Excellent Assembly Line

Scope Of Application:

Suitable for refurbished coloring of suede leather, nubuck leather, and other leather products.


This product has refurbishment, soft and moisturizing, complementary color and brightening, can make the worn and faded suede restores the original color and does not affect the permeability of the leather

Main Ingredient:

Brightening agent, antifouling agent, softener, colorant, perfume, etc.
Please follow the color label on the bottle.
Please keep it out of reach of children.
If you accidentally get into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.
Please test in a small area where it is not obvious if there is no problem such as color mixing, and then finish the whole.
Due to the strong tinting strength of the product, it is recommended to isolate it from light objects and use anti-fouling gloves.

How To Use:

Use a velour cleaning brush to remove surface dust and dirt.
Shake up and down before use
Lightly press the sponge head to squeeze out the right amount of product and lightly apply it to the leather surface.
Wait for 30 minutes to be the natural dry.
Gently smooth the fluff with a cleaning brush


1. Shake well with cap on.
2. Shoes must be clean and dry.
3. Invert bottle and gently press applicator against shoe to release product.
4. Spread polish evenly and allow to dry to a shine.
5. Rinse applicator with water use and blot dry to keep foam soft.
6. Put back the cap on the bottle.


Q: What is about the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
A: Our MOQ is 10,000 pcs.
Q: How many pieces will be in a carton box
A: Common packing is 96 pcs.
Q: Can it use for leather?
A: No. It can only be used for suede and nubuck.
Q: Can I take a free sample?
A: Yes,  you can. We can provide you free sample for the BIKI brand. You need to afford the freight for the sample.

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