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Customized Shoe Whitener

Shoe whitener has the function of decontamination, whitening and maintenance, decontamination and whitening. Self-contained sponge head, easy to carry, contains nano-whitening enzymes, is a rapid whitening shoes.

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Product Feature:

1. Deyellowing and whitening.
2. The whitening agent is used to cover the stubborn stains, so as to achieve the whitening effect.
3. Net content 100ML
4.Suitable for white sports shoes, white corrugated shoes, etc.

Usage Method Of The Customized Shoe Whitener:

1. Open the bottle cap
2. Use whitening agents to apply whitening areas
3. Dry in a cool place

FAQ Of The Customized Shoe Whitener:

Q1: What color of leather shoes can be suitable for neutral color?
All colors can be suitable for neutral colors.

Q2: What is the expiry date(vality date)?
Most of the products are for 3 years and 4 years, but if the products are storage Proper, it can be 5 years.

Q3: Do you have the ISO, BSCI, SEDEX Certification?
We will have the plan for these. We have the Social Responsibility Factory Audit every year.

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