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Cream Shoe Polish Blister Package
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Cream Shoe Polish blister package

Nice package for hanging, can be show on the supermarket and shop.

Leather Cream Shoe Polish blister package is a consumer product used to polish and polish leather shoes or boots, restore their original appearance, while strengthening their waterproof ability, so the use of shoe polish can extend the life of shoes.

Leather shoe cream is usually wax paste or paste, but there are also liquid and solid shoe polish.

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Usage of the Cream Shoe Polish blister package:

1. Use dry cloth to wipe off impurities and impurities on the surface of leather shoes.
2. Apply shoe polish;
3. Use shoe polishing to balance and heat up, so that shoe polish penetrates into the inner layer of leather shoes.
Often the shoe polish is dry, and the surface of the leather shoe will gloss naturally.

Product Parameter:

Product Cream Shoe Polish blister package
Item number BQ100G
Features Creamy in Color: Black, Brown and Neutral

Cream in plastic jar and with the sponge brush

Customize Case color & Label
Application Leather
Size 6.5(D)*2.1(H)cm for shoe polish
Material PP & PE
Net content 50ML
Expiration Date 3-5 YEARS
How to use Take shoe polish/Apply to the shoes/Polishing with the towel
Package 12pcs per display box, and 4-8boxes per master carton
Package &Transport Five Layers carton box to ensure the safety of the goods
Drop Test will be carried out before the shipment
Air Transport/Express Delivery/Land Transportation/Sea Transport

Or by Railway Transportation

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