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Clothing Sterilizing Spray
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Clothing Sterilizing Spray

Clothing Sterilizing Spray 100ml Spray

Plant Essential Oil

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Product Parameter:

Product Clothing Sterlizing Spray
Item number 646
Features Smell Remover
Customize Bottle color & Label

Efficient Sterilization

Fragrance Lasting long time.

Application Cloth




Material Pe bottles
Size 22.5(Height)*4.5 (diameter)cm
Net content 230ml
Expiration Date 3 YEARS
How to use Put into the water
Package 12pcs or 24 pcs per boxes.
Package &Transport Five Layers carton box to ensure the safety of the goods
Drop Test will be carried out before the shipment
Company advantages near to 20 Years Experience Innovative Formula/Advanced Equipment/Enthusiasm Team Work/Excellect Assembly Line
FAQ Q: What is about the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
A:Our MOQ is 10,000 pcs.
  Q:How many pieces will be in a carton box.
A:Common packing is 12-24 pcs.

About Our Company:

We are the factory, we can supply you the products, with the design and shipment.
We have been adhering to the “integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative” corporate philosophy.  With reliable product quality, richer, more high-quality products, to win the trust and recognition of many customers and consumers.
Our company is always engaged in developing new products, and our products have high competitive power due to top quality.
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