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Amazon Popular Shoe Shine Kit

From the beginning of the 15th century, shoe polish technology has been evolving. First, Rugao is deeply moistened, then the solid wax cover is polished. This process has not changed for a hundred years. Now, from the inside to the outside, the care needs the combination of cream and wax, and the operation process of moistening first and then polishing, making shoe polishing full of fun.

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Leather Pouch with

11 in one

3x 20ml Shoe Polish in three colors

3x Shoe Polish Towel in three colors

1x Metal Shoe Horn,

1x Handle Shoe Burh with horsehair

1x Shoe Brush with horsehair

2x Shoe Shine Sponge mini

Product Feature:

1. Fast shoe polishing, efficiency first
2. Release your fingers and wear them freely
3. Traveling suit with complete functions
4. Quality inspection report, safe use

Product Advantage:

1. Shoe oil has strong penetration, deep Zurun, protective leather, with a bright, complementary color, waterproof effect.
2. Use a brush to dip in shoe oil and apply it evenly on the upper, grooves, and crevices.
3. Brush off the excess shoe polish, help the maintenance products evenly distribute on the upper and increase the gloss, promote absorption.
4. Shoes need not be washed after they are pulled out and put on again. Shoes are not easily deformed, sanitary and convenient.
5. The flannel cloth can clear the dust and other dirt on the surface of the leather. It can also be used for oiling and polishing.

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Why is a shoe shine kit a valuable gift? It has often been said that you can tell much about a person by looking at their shoes, not whether they are rich or poor, but whether they take pride in themselves and in their work. In other words, it is not the
We are a professional shoe polish products manufacture with near 20 years of experience in China, offering over 500 various kinds of shoe polish products and a monthly output of up to 5 million pieces. We are the manufacturer that you can trust in China.

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