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12 Inch Boot Tree Boot Shaper
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12 inch Boot Tree Boot Shaper


XC-A02B 12 inch Boot Tree with handle

XC-A0212 inch Boot Tree without handle

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Product Introduction:

The boot tree is used to build the three-dimensional full boot type, making it not easy to deform, not easy to wrinkle, relieve wrinkles, avoid collapse, easy to clean dust accumulation.
Boots can protect shoes from deformation, simple design, easy operation, make boots breathable and stand easily.

Product feature:

1. High-quality materials bend at 180 degrees without breaking.
2. Super heavy load 60 kg will not break
3. Suspensible handle
4. Sleek chamfered border
5. Comfortable breathability

Usage Method Of The 12 Inch Boot Tree Boot Shaper:

1. Choose the right boots
2. Untie the wire, the boot shoe will open naturally, and hold the handle of the boot shoe.
3. Hold the handle and boot in a closed position and place it vertically in the boot.

FAQ Of The 12 Inch Boot Tree Boot Shaper:

Q1.Do you have any agents in our country? Do you sell these products in our country?
Yes, we have. But I am not clear about it. Because many trading companies purchase it from our company, and I don’t know the final information on the wholesaler or agent.
If you like to be our agent, it is welcomed, we are so pleased.

Q2. What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
Most of MOQ is 10,000 pcs, but if you pay for the extra charge, it can be a smaller quantity.

If you store your boots without any help, they will fold up. A long time later, the surface of the boot can cause some long fine lines, which affects the beauty. A boot shaper can make it keep standing position, then let inner airflow, there will be no damp and ugly smell. Moreover, The boots which using the boot shaper can catch the eyes of passersby.

[Product Name]: Boot shaper
[Basic]: thicken high-quality plastic + metal spring slice[MOQ]: 5000 pcs [Colour]: We can produce any color you want

Point 1: The hand shank is made of special plastic, and its usage counter is more than one thousand times. You can hand it on your wall as decoration.
Point 2: This boot shaper is made of high-quality plastic. The meticulous side seam can make sure moistureproof and let the air circulate.
Point 3: Tree textures mean high class and elegant. Metal spring slice is painted by moisture-proof material and it will not harm your finger.

Packaging & Shipping:

carton: 25pairs/51*31*62cm


If you have any questions, please contact us and give us an inquiry.

Our Services:

1. We respond according to your latest inquiries.
2. Guaranteed the reliable quality and after-sale service, with the view to establishing our good long business relationship.
Most of us who own tall boots would like to see them happily standing up in our closets or shoe rack. However, we can’t always afford to spend half the price of the boots on pre-made “boot trees” or “boot shapers”. The common alternative – stuffing boots.

12 inch boot tree boot shaper 712 inch boot tree boot shaper 812 inch boot tree boot shaper 912 inch boot tree boot shaper 1112 inch boot tree boot shaper 1012 inch boot tree boot shaper 12

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